I’ve been collecting these for a while and sharing them out of my Google Drive but it would probably be better for you to see the original source so you can discover some of these resources on your own.

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  1. Dataview Example Vault: A example vault to collect and showcase various dataview queries. Created on behalf of AB1908 (github.com)
  2. Personal-Wiki: A showcase to help others to organize their notes. (github.com)
  3. LifeOS for Obsidian (obsidian-life-os.netlify.app)
  4. Grow Your Mind Garden Starter Kit
  5. LeanProductivity Starter Vault (sascha-kasper.com)
  6. Kepano: My personal Obsidian vault template. A bottom-up approach to note-taking and organizing things I am interested in. (github.com)
  7. Dashboard++ - TfT Hacker
  8. Bullet Journal and Task Management in Obsidian - Free Vault for download and Folder Structure (travelertechie.com)
  9. Obsidian Hub Main
  10. Ideaverse for Obsidian (linkingyourthinking.com)
  11. Obsidian: Sample Planner Vault from Ellane (gumroad.com)
  12. PARA Starter Kit - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish
  13. Obsidian Starter Vault – The Sweet Setup
  14. ObsidianMD CSS Snippets repository, a collection of CSS code snippets to enhance the user interface elements of ObsidianMD (github.com)
  15. Starter Vault – Obsidian University