The Voices in My Head - Supposedly some people don’t have an inner dialog. I don’t know what that would be like because the voices are always present in mine, and they have questions.

Today for #Junited2024, I am featuring an astute post by a blogger I just discovered yesterday, historian Mark Stoneman,, about the difference between broadcast media and social media in the post-Twitter world.

My favorite book about the Vietnam War is Dispatches by Michael Herr based on the reporting he did for Esquire. This article from 1968 about the battle for Hue was the foundation for the book. Hell Sucks

Huey helicopters in battle formation photographed from the ground during the Vietnam War

Today on AppAddict - HistoryHound by St. Clair Software is the ultimate search tool for your web history. It covers multiple browsers and RSS readers in a single database and indexes the entire page, not just the title. Compatible with most major browsers.

From my 100 Strangers project - Joseph let me photograph him after I explained the project in detail and gave him a card with the address of where he could view it online, but he never really believed that I didn’t work for the newspaper, although I told him repeatedly that I didn’t.

A man in a flat cap wearing a Member's Only jacket and a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt

Murder in Mississippi - the most powerful artwork I have ever seen in person. Many right-wingers refuse to believe this painting is by Norman Rockwell, but it is. It depicts the Mississippi Burning killing of three civil rights workers by the Klan in 1964.

Why I’m Still on Facebook - Yep, being fully aware of its awfulness, I’m still there for reasons.

From my 100 Strangers Project - Carlos and another security guard were standing on the front steps of the library when I asked to take the photos. I think they are so used to dealing with street people that it would be impossible to phase them with any request.

A slim Latino man in a security guard's uniform with short hair and black framed glasses

Today for #Junited2024 I’d like to recommend one of my favorite bloggers and all-around friend to the IndyWeb community, Alexandra Wolfe whose poignant post about the death of her father is as good as it gets.

Today on AppAddict - The Many Apps of Sindre Sorhus - Wunderkind, Sindre Sorhus is responsible for more apps on my Mac than any other developer. His mostly free apps include Velja, Hyperduck, Shareful, Aiko, One Thing and Actions.

Today for #Junited2024 I am plugging James' Coffee Blog. James is a Scottish technical writer with some truly classic posts on things you can do with your personal website. Find him on Mastodon at

This Week's Bookmarks - Recipe finder, Excellent advice, Quitting Google, Mullets!, Miss AI contest, Driving cities, Bookshelf creator

Today on AppAddict - PopClip is a must have in my productivity stack. It performs a variety of actions on any text I select with the cursor, including sending it to email, messages, Drafts, Obsidian, Google etc. It’s hard to work without it.

From my 100 Strangers project - I photographed Fred’s friend first and really didn’t have any intention of asking for anything else, but the friend told him “Let this guy take your picture” and he obliged.

a middle-aged man with a beard wearing a plaid winter coat standing in an urban environment

Today for #Junited2024 I’m plugging, my favorite tech writer for sites like Lifehacker, WSJ, Wired and more. His recent blog posts resonates. Tech is Cool; Business is Boring

All you have to do to bridge your Mastodon account to Blue sky is follow on Mastodon. That will automatically create a bridged account on BlueSky.

Mac Menu Bar is a great resource for recently released apps. Here are the latest ones.

I’ve updated my /now page with info on the classic American novel I am re-reading (Lonesome Dove), the three TV shows I’m balancing, all the blog posts I’ve written and recommended, where I saved $$$ and the links I added to my personal bookmarks.