I’m extremely emotional over this and was up all night in tears. - How the sad case of a missing cat saved me from getting fired last week.

Remember When They Called It Netiquette? - Once upon a time, we all had to figure out what constitutes manners in our online communities but over the past 30 years we’ve mostly built a culture where folks know how to act, mostly…

From my 100 Strangers project - Veronica - She had a table selling jewelry at a street fair. I noticed her because of the pink hair. I took my first shot from a distance but when she noticed me (laughing) I walked up and asked her to pose. She laughed through the whole thing except of this shot.

A black and white photo of a woman wearing a light-colored wig

Today on AppAddict - Spaces for macOS an app for opening everything you need for different task scenarios - writing, coding, editing photos. It sets up your display with a custom layout and opens/closes everything with a single click.

Me and my 3-year-old grandson.
Tracy - Why am I sticky?
Lou - Because you’re eating ice cream
Tracy - Why am I eating ice cream?
Lou - Because I got it for you
Tracy - Why did you get it for me?
Lou - Because you like it
Tracy - Why do I like it?
Lou - Because it’s good
Tracy - No, it’s VERY good

12 Helpful iOS and macOS Shortcuts for #Obsidian

The icon for Apple’s Shortcuts app

To avoid awkward copying and pasting and the sometimes long wait before Obsidian is ready to accept text on mobile, iOS and Mac shortcuts are available to create new notes or add content to existing ones. Actions for Obsidian, the collective name for two apps, one for iOS and the other for macOS allows you to automate certain actions in creating notes. It is required for some of these shortcuts to work.

  1. Add new location - when run from an iOS device prompts you for a file name and then adds both the physical address if available and the GPS coordinates from where you are when you create the note (Requires AFO) Download
  2. Create Markdown note - creates a text file with a .md extension in a folder you choose on your phone, presumably your default new file location Download
  3. Add Bullet to Daily Note - in iOS, adds a bulleted item to the end of your current daily note (Requires AFO) Download
  4. Save email as Obsidian task - in macOS, creates a task formatted bullet (with checkbox) at the end of your current daily note that is hyperlinked back to Mail.app Download
  5. Get Available Commands - Required by AFO to index commands used by other shortcuts Download
  6. Create Note - on iOS, creates a new blank note in user defined location ready for text entry. (Requires AFO) Download
  7. Quick Task Entry - Creates a task at a user defined placeholder in a daily note. Runs on iOS or macOS (Requires AFO) Download
  8. Sync Contacts with Notes - on a Mac, creates or syncs notes associated with a folder of in the Contacts app with Obsidian. Syns email and phone number only. (Requires AFO) Download
  9. Capture Web to Obsidian - on iOS, shares the content of a web page from any iOS browser to Obsidian in Markdown format with links and images Download
  10. Obsidian Web Clipper - iOS shortcut to copy selected text from a Safari webpage and the link to the web page to a new note in a specified location in an Obsidian vault Download
  11. Add Weather to Daily Note Adds today’s weather at your current location at a user-defined placeholder in your daily note. Works on iOS and macOS. Requires AFO Download
  12. Add Calendar Events to Daily Note - Adds up to 20 calendar events for the current date from your calendars at a user-defined placeholder in your daily note . Works on iOS and macOS. Requires AFO Download

Looks like today’s trend is people writing up and sharing their blogging journeys, here’s mine. Send yours to @birming@mastodon.world.

The poets were right. There is something especially poignant about an athlete dying young. Some of the best sports writing of the past decade - Steve Prefontaine’s Last Run

It’s Saturday, so I have updated my /now page - with info on ZEALOT: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Rasa Aslan, four TV shows, App Reviews and other blog posts, Samyang Buldak Hot Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodles - banned in Denmark for excessive spice and some hilarious links.

Will It Still Be Social? - what do you think about the proposal allowing people to turn off or limit replies on the Fediverse? Will it turn it into a place where the cool kids talk in front of but not to the plebes? Remove accountability? Become performative, not communicative? Why not just blog?

This Week's Bookmarks - Cool art gallery, Leftist purity, Beautiful streets, Music covers, NY Sandwiches, Landmarks, Biggest Dog

Today for #Junited2024 I am plugging the blog, Life Is Such A Sweet Insanity by J.P. Wing, a guy with an interests list a mile long: flying, hiking, storm chasing, vintage computers, space, Linux, Apple and evidently writing because I enjoy the hell out of his prose. Take a look.

From my 100 Strangers project - I was taking someone else’s portrait outside a bar in Wilmington when Charles looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t help but to take his photo too. The only interaction we had was me asking his name for my notes.

A man in a flat cap smiling

Today on AppAddict - a great single purpose app to create quote graphics. Text Shot by developer @chrishannah@mastodon.social. I saw @robb@social.lol mention it yesterday, so I bought a copy and used it multiple time already.

Looks like I’ve missed the debate on being able to make Fediverse posts that no one is allowed to respond to. Anyone got a link to info on this. It would make me sad to lose the ability to interact with popular folks but I understand people who want to feel safe and free from harassment.

Hey, I’m soliciting any cool Mac apps you’d like to see on AppAddict, especially if you an indy dev looking for exposure. I just got permalinked at r/macapps on Reddit so there’s lots more eyeballs on what I’ve reviewed.

I love it when someone interviews Bob Dylan and instead of asking him the same bullshit questions, he’s been asked a million times like “How did it feel to be the voice of a generation” they ask him questions about current events and music and his creative process. Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways

Today for #Junited2024 I am plugging the blog, Canned Dragons by Robert Rackley, @mineinmono@mastodon.world, yet another North Carolinian spreading good will on the IndyWeb. His piece on Connection vs. Isolation really resonated with me.

in 2024, it shouldn’t be too hard to talk about mental health issues, especially when it’s a success story. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 28 years ago, got ongoing treatment and have managed to live a pretty normal and drama free life with lots of good times. Talking About Mental Health

From my 100 Strangers Project - Ed, a volunteer at the NC Zoo seemed completely baffled as to why I would want to get a photograph, but the camera equipment strapped all over my body probably made me look like a pro to him. One doesn’t often get a chance to see retired men in bunny ears.

A man with glasses, wearing a hat with small bunny ears