Carolina Beach Pier, NC at dawn

Looking for tips and advice. I just installed #Devonthink and imported my bookmarks and my #Obsidian vault. What’s next? What’s the best way to get the most use out it? What all can it do for me? Does it work well with PDFs? Is importing Gmail a possibility? Total newb on this one. #PKM

Little Pink House , Atlantic Beach, NC

Gotta give good ol' #BBedit a shout out tonight for doing multiple search and replace operations across hundreds of markdown files in my #Obsidian vault. It was fast and flawless and something the native app can’t do alone. If you’re riding the plain text wave, you need a copy or Notepad++ for PCs.

Street scene, Charlotte, NC

Installed Reor today, an easy to add front-end for a local LLM running on my Macbook. Reor uses my #Obsidian vault as a knowledge base and all queries are processed on my computer. It writes notes in MD right back into my vault and can even choose where to file them - been wanting to try this.

The driveway at the old RCA radio station, Marin County, California

I’m not saying my #Obsidian daily note template looks as tricked out as my 2004 My Space page, but Weird Al thinks it does.

Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to this week - what I’m reading, watching, making and enjoying. My Now Page

This Week's Bookmarks: Mixtapes, A History Game, Internet Museum, a Recipe, Article of the Week, Mastodon Hacking and a Newsletter

Mixtape Garden

A colorful album cover [Mixtape Garden](mixtape garden
Mixtape Garden is a site for making mixtapes together! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Make an account and log in
  2. Make a new mixtape
  3. You and other users add seven YouTube videos to the mixtape

Once it’s full, your mixtape will be automatically converted into a single, crossfaded mp3 that can be streamed or downloaded!

Milestone Archive - The History of the Web

A screenshot of the banner for an Internet Museum of Web History

Milestones Archive - The History of the Web,
An interactive timeline dating back to the late 80’s of all the milestones that make the Internet what it is today. If you are of a certain age, depending on when you started paying attention, you may remember everything.

Comeback Sauce

Broccoli dipped into a reddish pink sauce in a white bowl

Comeback Sauce Recipe - Budget Bytes,
A delicious sauce you can make at home using a few common ingredients. It was good on Superbowl Sunday, it’ll be good at your house.

Time Guesser - A Photo Game

A clip from the home page where the reader guesses when a photo was taken

This game shows you a photo from history, and you have to guess where and when it was taken. <>

The Text File That Runs the Internet

A knight in armor on a blue background

David Pierce, the excellent and oft quoted writer from The Verge wrote the story of the week about the robots.txt file and how AI companies are ignoring it, breaking a strong tradition that search companies have long followed..

RSS Parrot

A screenshot of a website that turns a Mastodon feed into an RSS feed

A link from Cory Doctorow, the King of the Internet, RSS Parrot (

Weeklypedia Newsletter

A screenshot of the sign-up page for a weekly newsletter

A fascinating look at what peoiple around the world are learning about this week. Weeklypedia (

What's In My #Obsidian Vault - Info on Plugins, Workflows, Tags and Philosophies on #PKM

A curious Redditor asked me to explain my vault structure to him and I obliged, such is the nature of most people in the Obsidian community. There’s info on plugins I use for certain workflows and links to a couple of tutorials I’ve written on how some elements are structured and used. I put enough effort into it that I thought I’d let it serve a double purpose as blog entry and here we are. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments. Contact info is in links at the bottom of the post.

  • -Inbox - The default folder for all new notes added to the system through plugins, scripts and shortcuts, named that way to move it to the top my my folder list. I could have used a numbering system on my folders like all the cool kids do, but I stuck with old habits carried over from 16 years of Evernote use. This is subject to change.
  • Lounotes - My folder for personal reference material like 2FA codes, insurance info and all the other detritus of a life in the 21st century
  • Blogging - Research material, rough and final drafts of posts to this blog (in a subfolder)
  • Classes- A folder used by the Metadata Menu Plugin
  • Contacts - Notes created via a shortcut built with [Actions for Obsidian](Actions for Obsidian on the App Store ( imported my iOS address book into Obsidian so I could have notes for all the people in my life (outside of work)
  • Journal - My daily notes divided into subfolders for months and years
  • Work - Reference notes for my job. I’m semi-retired, supporting computer end users at a small private university
  • Select Email - I have a workflow that allows me to send email to my Obsidian vault - Details.
  • Omnivore - Omnivore is a free read-it-later service. I use a custom Omnivore script to import articlesautumatically into my Obsidian vault. I triage what’s there in the evenings and add tags, links and highlights for stuff I am going to keep.
  • People - I use a template that includes a space to track meetings and phone calls with different folks at work. I also use this folder for notes on my favorite content creators, whose pages include a dataview query based on the Author: field in properties to make a MOC of all their work I’ve quoted in my vault.
  • Web Clips - These are entire web pages I download using either Kepano’s bookmarklet on my Mac, my shortcut on iOS, or a browser extension on PC.
  • Quotes - I have a collection of over 500 notes of nothing but quotes. Each note is named for a speaker/writer and the properties contain info on the source and topic of the quote. I used a python script I found on Github to import my previous collection from a CSV file into Obsidian as markdown files.
  • Bookmarks - I use an IFTTT applet to automatically route my bookmarks From through Dropbox via Hazel into my Obsidian vault. Any page I bookmark goes into this folder, where I can add links and MOCs..
  • Serials - I have a lot of software. A lot. I’m a sucker for those sales at Bundlehunt and App Sumo. I have serial numbers and registration info for all that I own.
  • Tech Notes - These are heavily cross-referenced notes on all things IT related (outside of work) that I’m interested. It’s a mix of info from the web and my own notes.
  • Templates - I have a few heavily customized templates with Templater snippets and custom metadata (including tags) for my Inbox, People, Quotes and Bookmark folders
  • Weekly Notes - Named so that they’ll appear chronologically, these are created via the Periodic Notes Plugin
  • zz-attachments - This is the folder where all the attachments (images, PDFs, audio and video) live. They are arranged and renamed automatically by the Attachment Management Plugin
  • zz-meta - These are notes about notes, similar to the MOC concept where I have custom dataview queries for different categories of quotes, notes on certain topics and notes from select periods of time.

Flea market, North Carolina State Fairgrounds

My entire working life in IT has been dealing with stuff that doesn’t work. That’s my job. It feels so good when everything just does what it is supposed to do. I successfully backed my personal #iPhone to iCloud today for the first time in three years. It felt like victory, and it only cost $1,100.

Obsidian Tip of the Day: Three Templater Snippets for All Your Note Templates in #Obsidian

If you use the Templater community plugin (and you really should) you have three snippets available to you which provide a real asset in creating metadata in your note templates. These dynamic entries allow you to automatically add the creation date, modification date and note name to your new notes. Never again will you have to bear the indignity of a note that decides to call itself Untitled. To add these to your templates, edit them with source mode turned on instead of live preview which is the Obsidian default.

Note Name

This snippet gives you a pop-up when you first create your notes asking you to name it then. You type the name into the resulting dialog box and that’s that taken care of. (Note: This snippet goes at the very top of your note at Line 1. It creates the three tick marks that are the beginning of the code block for your properties.)

  let title = tp.file.title  
  if (title.startsWith("Untitled")) {  
	title = await tp.system.prompt("Title");  
	await tp.file.rename(title);  

  tR += "---"

Creation Date

This snippet will provide you with the creation date of your new note instead of the creation date of the template itself which is sometimes a problem when using dates in templates. If you use a different date format, replace the format here within the quotation marks.

<%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>

Modification Date

This snippet will provide you with a properties field that will update itself whenever you edit a note. As above, if you use a different date format, replace the format here within the quotation marks.

<% tp.file.last_modified_date("YYYY-MM-DD") %>

Farm pond in winter

Got my first same day Amazon order delivered today. I guess the future has arrived in the form of some USB-C cables.

I posted a shortcut on Routine Hub for capturing entire web pages in #Obsidian, including image links and a link back to the source article. You can create a new note or append to an existing one. Routine Hub | Download Web Pages to Obsidian

From atop Wayah Bald on the #AppalachianTrail in North Carolina

Copy down verbatim quotes, when you feel like it… I’ve shifted away from the dogma that “real” engagement means you must always summarise or restate things in your own words. If copying was good enough for history’s countless keepers of commonplace books, it’s sometimes good enough for me.

The Imperfectionist

I love getting a new #iPhone but I also hate getting a new iPhone. At least I’m going through this in the comfort of my home and not an Apple Store 75 miles away, which is the unattractive alternative. But first, let’s update iOS before we restore your data. Just kill me now.