From my 100 Strangers Project - DJ was fishing off the pier at Sunset Beach in Brunswick County, NC during the annual blue fish run when I interrupted him long enough to take this portrait.

A young man wearing a backwards baseball hat and sunglasses

Just a slice of life, a road trip with Wonder Woman. My WeblogPoMo2024 post for Saturday.

This Week's Bookmarks - Your musical taste, Habits, Reverse Dictionary, Floppy Disks, Random entertainment, No car vacations, Subplots cut from movies

Saturday and time for an update to my /now page, featuring a great novel/audiobook, three TV shows, links to 16 blog posts, the best work pants and the crazy websites I added to my personal bookmarks this week. Enjoy!

Today on AppAddict - Velja Browser Picker - a free and open-source app that opens URLS in the correct app (Discord, App Store Teams, Zoom etc.) or in the browser of your choice. Easy to configure and use.

From my 100 Strangers Project - Meg was sitting at a table on the sidewalk outside a bar, doing a little day drinking and having a smoke on a crisp December afternoon. Her comment when I explained my project - “How fun!”. And, she said it with a big smile. I love the reflection in the window.

A woman outside taking a drink from a glass while holding a cigarette with the same hand

What's Your Browser Setup? Hundreds of Tabs? Multiple Windows? Something in Between?

Two women shown from the back looking at a laptop opened to a web browser

Recently, I posted on Mastodon, “I do not understand the 100+ tabs open at the time people. Not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t get it. Did you get attacked by a bookmarks.html file as a young child? Is yours the laptop with a petabyte of RAM? What gives?” Surprisingly, I got a lot of feedback from had been no more than a wisecrack. I’m interested in the way people do everything on their computers, from what apps they use, to, yes, how many tabs they work with. Please reach out and describe your browser setup if you’re up to it.

At work, I normally have two or three windows open in Edge, my browser of choice (because it really doesn’t suck). At home, I only run two windows.

Work Setup

Edge has both profiles and workspaces. Profiles have separate settings, bookmarks and extensions. Workspaces have separate bookmarks bars and tabs. At work, I sign into a separate profile to access my university Microsoft 365 account. Group policies don’t allow the installation of any extensions, so it’s pretty bare bones. I normally have the following tabs open:

  • Company directory
  • Outlook email
  • Microsoft Admin Center (plus a tab each for Entra, Defender, Intune)
  • Asset management app
  • CBT Nuggets (for training)
  • Student Database
  • Six different Excel spreadsheets from Office 365 online

Total work tabs = 15

Personal Setup

At work, I also run a window logged in to my personal profile with at least one of my personal workspaces. I do this to have access to extensions (like my password manager) and bookmarks. I have two personal workspaces: one for social media and blogging and another general workspace.

My social and blogging workspace has tabs open for:

Total social and blogging tags = 13

My general browsing workspace has tabs for:

  • Gmail (personal email)
  • Yahoo mail (used only for newsletters)
  • Google Drive
  • bookmarks
  • Gemini (
  • Reddit - Dive into anything
  • Plus whatever I happen to be interested in at any given moment, usually about a half-dozen tabs

Total general browsing tabs = 12

Total Tabs = 40

Other Considerations

I use the great Mac app, Velja, to let me pick what browser or app opens links. I have five browsers installed, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Orion and Arc. I prefer to open YouTube links in Freetube. And though I usually use the default web interface for Mastodon, I also use Ivory for its notification center actions. Inoreader is my RSS provider and I use an Edge PWA to access my feed.

Taken at the FiveBoroBikeTour in NYC, this cyclist was channeling his inner Elton John #photography

I wrote an old fashioned #FollowFriday post but I gave some reasons why these 10 people from Mastodon are worthy of being added to your list. The Fediverse has been such a positive experience!

Today on AppAddict - Zavala, a free, open source, minimalist outliner with iCloud syncing. It’s a universal app for Mac, iPhone and iPad with some features (like font selection) that even the big boys lack.

From my 100 Strangers Project - I met Shawn and Erica at a demonstration jump by the Army’s Golden Knights parachute team who are stationed at Ft. Liberty adjacent to the town where we live. Erica was happy to pose for me. Shawn was a little reticent and reserved, but a good sport, nonetheless.

A young couple smiling for the camera

BREAKING: Gov Abbot pardons Daniel Perry despite Perry’s plan to kill Muslims & Black people—then succeeding in killing a BLM protestor (who was a Veteran). “All lives matter” crowd proudly celebrates killing Muslims & Black people.

A reminder once more that a system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.

Qasim Rashid

The phones of normal people do not look like your phone and the needs of normal people do not match the wants of the content generation conglomerate. The masses aren’t outraged, and they really don’t want things to change. For WeblogPoMo2024

From my 100 Strangers Project - Stone (his name) manages this tattoo business. A few days after I shot this, I saw him again and we had a conversation. Turns out he is a photographer too. We talked about it for a while. He looked me up on Facebook and we’ve now been friends for 10 years.

Today on AppAddict - MarsEdit which makes writing and publishing to and other platforms a breeze. Not a subscription, thankfully, and also available on Setapp. @danielpunkass

If Apple makes macOS for the iPad, how will the bleeding Edge 1% crowd show us how to “really be productive” with our tablets? When my school district bought an iPad Pro for every HS teacher, they all started using Chromebooks to get work done. Normies don’t want what the 1% wants - ever.

I just found out that as a member of my favorite community of software junkies, AppRaven, I have the ability to create web pages with collections from the app store. Here’s the first one - Mac Apps I Own and Recommend

The story of the biggest prison escape I ever worked on, the day three prisoners went through a fence while under fire and I had to go after them in the woods with the bloodhound handler. Also known as one of the reasons why I switched careers.

Today on AppAddict - CleanShot X hits the sweet spot for price and features among the many screen shot utilities for macOS, including several new features just released in version 4.7. Thanks to @mattbirchler for his video yesterday introducing them.

From my 100 Strangers Project - I met Jenny at a craft fair, where she was smoking this big old stogie and composing poetry on a cloudy spring Sunday. How could I not get a picture of that?

A young woman, smiling, her head tilted, holding a pen in one hand and a large cigar in the other