The dilemma I had with street photography was whether my enjoyment of the finished product was worth the chance of getting yelled at by folks who didn’t want their picture taken. I eventually found a solution #photography

a crowd of young people with drinks milling about at a street music festival

Wonder Woman is in San Antonio, Texas for a conference and coincidentally, the eclipse, but she reports the skies are cloudy and she doubts she will see much. Well, there’s always the RiverWalk.

AppRaven is what the Apple App Store would be if it were interactive. Features include app-specific message bords, price drop notifications, advanced filters to find what you want, wish lists and more. It’s ad free and doesn’t accept sponsors of any type. It’s a must have for app aficionados.

Maybe I should start a blog featuring the worst of the day from Product Hunt

The rear end of the Wall Street Bull, guarded by one of NYC’s finest #mbapr photo challenge April 2024. Day 8: Prevention #photography

Rear view of the famous bull statue on Wall Street in NYC surrounded by tourists supervised by a police officer

The best thing to happen in my relationship with my grown kids in the past year is my adoption of an iOS shortcut called Check on My Peeps that I found in the unlikeliest place, a forum for lovers of cheap apps. I use it to help me stay in contact with my crew. Make tech work for you.

My #Obsidian Week - Breaking Down the Notes I Created by Area and Workflow

a cup of coffee sitting on an open paper day planner

This week I created 61 new notes in Obsidian. Some of them were original content - things I wrote. Some of them were automated. Others were the results of using templates. The breakdown looks like this:

  • Omnivore clips 15 - Omnivore is my preferred method of importing web content The majority of the notes this week come from two writers I follow, Matt Birchler and Jarrod Blundy, and their posts are imported automatically.
  • Blog posts 9 - I wrote nine different posts this week. I write in Obsidian more often than not. I save my drafts in my vault, using file properties to track the topic and published URL.
  • Daily notes 7 - I start and end every day with my daily note.. I use the Periodic Notescommunity plugin.
  • Receipt 1 - Since Obsidian serves as my Evernote replacement, I figured out how to email content into my vault to save stuff like receipts.
  • Work People 8 - Whenever I have an interaction with someone at work (I’m in IT at a small university), I make a reference note using a template. I find this invaluable for tracking different tech issues.
  • Personal Notes 2 - these are notes not related to work or technical areas. I made one note on how to get free Paramount Plus and another on how to stop my car from spying on me.
  • Tech Notes 6 - Most of these notes are clips from emails and web pages covering various tech topics like blogging, web design and miscellaneous Apple related content.
  • Bookmarks 8 - I have an automated workflowto import my bookmarks.
  • Restaurants 2 - I like to track the places I eat out using a template that includes a link to their website, map, information on the cuisine and my rating. It’s especially helpful when traveling because it cuts down on the hassle of finding a place if I already know somewhere good in the area.

The green and granite summit of Lincoln as seen from the footpath of the Appalachian Trail atop Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. #SilentSunday #Photography #Hiking

The green and granite summit of Lincoln as seen from the footpath of the Appalachian Trail atop Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Launcher is the king of widget apps. I use it on my lock screen, my home screen, and in my work focus mode. It does much more than just launch apps, allowing you to create actions for messaging, social media, music and more. Launcher on App Addict

This Weeks Bookmarks: 100 greatest protest songs, Making art, How to help someone with a computer, Royal order of adjectives, The US can't support Israel in Gaza, Who lived when, The world's most expensive spice

I’m a day late with an update to my /now page. Yesterday, my normal update day, I found that crewing an ultramarathon in the woods for my wife was not conducive to longer form blogging.

Wonder Woman Riding in New River Trail State Park, VA #mbapr photo challenge April 2024. Day 7: Well-Being

A woman on a bicycle on a wooded path in the autumn

After 12.5 hours on her sore and blistered feet, Wonder Woman elected to take the finisher’s medal for the 50-mile distance and call it a day. Many thanks to all who offered support through the race. #ultrarunning

Changing shoes and socks and doctoring blisters before miles 36-48. #ultrarunning

That’s about 75 miles worth of food and water. Wonder Woman (Mrs. Amerpie)is ahead of schedule after the first 12-mile loop and back out on the course. #ultrarunning

On the streets of Raleigh, NC #mbapr photo challenge April 2024. Day 6: Windy

A candid photo of a blonde woman with wind-swept hair walking on a crowded street in the daytime

I spent my high scool years doing farm work so my opinion of the modern cult of cleanliness is colored a bit by my experience. Talking Dirty

Got something you’ve been wanting to watch (like Oppenheimer) on Peacock but haven’t wanted to add another damn subscription? Mad because they don’t offer a free trial? Well, here’s a pretty good work around

I added a new app to my wish list today, Rond Life Mapper and added some details on this Scribbles post. It’s one of those apps that logs your location and activities, but this one, unlike many has a good privacy policy and promises not to be a battery hog.

Manhattan Bagel Cat #photography

A man wearing glasses with a cat perched on his head beside a bagel cart on a city street.