A yellow sticky note with a lightbulb drawing thumb-tacked to a corkboard

  1. A scratchpad for temporary text snippets
  2. Published blog posts
  3. Bookmarks via Raindrop.io
  4. People you work with (co-workers)
  5. Customers/Clients
  6. A record of your daily appointments
  7. Weather reports
  8. Restaurants where you’ve eaten
  9. Recipes
  10. Watched YouTube videos
  11. Watched movies
  12. Watched TV shows
  13. Music you’ve listened to
  14. Games you’ve played/bought
  15. Apps you want to buy
  16. Receipts via email
  17. Apps you own
  18. Analytics reports from your web site or blog
  19. Registration info for software you’ve purchased
  20. A record of interactions with your family members who live separately
  21. Random photos
  22. Saved blog posts from writers you like
  23. Phone numbers and contact information
  24. Two Factor Authentication backup codes
  25. Copies of your insurance cards
  26. Lyrics to your favorite songs
  27. Profile pictures to use on web sites
  28. Your bank routing number
  29. Podcasts you want to subscribe to
  30. Books you’ve read/want to read
  31. Vacation plans
  32. Your favorite memes
  33. Copies of vital documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses etc.
  34. A copy of your resume
  35. Your current and past goals
  36. A copy of your will
  37. A copy of your healthcare power of attorney
  38. The random poem you’ve written
  39. Cue sheets for long bicycle rides
  40. Jokes you want to remember
  41. A list of things you love
  42. A record of completed tasks from your task manager
  43. Your favorite quotes
  44. Transcripts of your Q&As with ChatGPT or Google Gemini
  45. Saved emails
  46. Notes from training you’ve attended
  47. The encryption key for Bitlocker or File Vault
  48. A brag document for your job
  49. Technical “How to” documents for computer related tasks
  50. Non-vital passwords
  51. Wifi passwords
  52. Imported web pages from your read it later service
  53. RSS feeds from your favorite blogs
  54. Software manuals
  55. Appliance manuals
  56. Default settings for your computer
  57. A record of your Amazon purchases
  58. End of the year “Best of” articles to check out on books, TV, podcasts, movies, articles
  59. Screenshots of social media posts you like
  60. Purchasing wish list
  61. Templates for various dataview queries
  62. Terminal or Powershell commands too complicated to remember
  63. How to write in Markdown
  64. Search tips, syntax and operators for your favorite search engine or AI
  65. API Keys for various web services
  66. Templates for your Obsidian plugins
  67. Templater snippets
  68. All the topics in your quotes collection
  69. Drafts blog posts
  70. A history of your social media posts
  71. A “To Watch” list for YouTube and television
  72. A daily gratitude list
  73. A record of new things you’ve learned
  74. Alarm codes for your relative’s houses
  75. A dataview query for notes created today
  76. A dataview query for notes modified today
  77. Waypoint Folder Notes for your important folders of notes