This week’s bookmark collection includes a magnificent time suck at the Internet Archive, thanks to Jarrod Blundy from Also included are the YouTube channel of the week, the blog of the week as well as a helpful tool for skirting paywalls, a great article on the Fediverse, new AI tools and more.

Logo of The Internet Artifacts Website

Internet Artifacts
Summary: It’s an online museum with exhibits. Want to see the first SPAM email ever sent? It’s here. Want to see a diagram of the Internet when it was only 111 computers big? It’s here too. This site is extremely well done and prepared to cost you some curious time if you get sucked into it.

Screenshot of representative Hugging Face AI assistants

Hugging Face Assistants- Open AI offers custom GPTs to it’s $20 a month customers, but Hugging Face does the same for free. You can choose from a variety of fine-tunes helpers to accomplish anything from web design to cooking.

Screenshot of the input screen
Summary: is the ultimate tool for viewing paywalled material. I don’t even try to open Medium links anymore without pasting them into If you want to read something from the New York Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal, chances are you can find it already archived here. There’s even a browser extension to make it easier for you. You’ll thank me later for this one.

Screenshot of markdown files list in Obsidian

cyclelou/Amerpie: Downloadable Markdown files for Obsidian ( - This is my personal quotes collection, broken down in separate markdown files suitable for importing into Obsidian

The fediverse, explained
Summary: The always excellent Davis Pierce interviews himself about our corner of the web. “The buzziest new thing in social networking is a big deal. It’s also very confusing. And it’s not actually new. Let’s talk about it.”

Profile picture of Marco Serafini

Marco Serafini - YouTube
Summary: Marco is this charming Italian guy who makes videos about Obsidian, note taking and PKM in general. I learned how to use some use plugins from his concise explanations of them.

Tracy Durnell profile photo

Tracy Durnell
Summary - Tracy is a blogger and consultant in Seattle who does a great job on her personal blog. She wrote a series of posts on blogging around the first of the year I found personally very helpful: