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Six Subscriptions Actually Worth Paying for, According to Reddit | Lifehacker - The article discusses different subscription services that Reddit users recommend as being worthwhile based on the value they provide: airport pre-check membership which allows faster security screening at airports. An air filter subscription service ensures the right sized filters are delivered regularly. A subscription to Cook’s Illustrated magazine is recommended for recipes tested by experts. The Great Courses is mentioned for lifelong learning opportunities across different topics. A national parks pass provides access to national parks and other federal recreational lands. Dropout.tv is a comedy streaming service with original shows

BookPecker.com: 14509 books summarized in 5 bullet points - Discover your next read! Browse bullet point summaries of thousands of books, find books smilar to those you own, and add new items to your reading list.

Laugh: By looking up your birthday on this list of unofficial holidays.

This Bird Is Half Male, Half Female, and Completely Stunning - The New York Times (nytimes.com) - This honeycreeper was first observed in October 2021 on a small farm in Villamaría, in western Colombia, and soon became a regular visitor. It appeared to be a bilateral gynandromorph: female on one side and male on the other. (video)

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50+ Must-See Moments In History (historydefined.net) - Here are 50 must-see historical moments – significant events that have shaped our world. From wars and revolutions to scientific discoveries and technological innovations, these are some of the most important moments in human progress. (photos)

Things that don’t work (dynomight.net) - A somewhat controversial list of things people use that don’t actually do what they are intended for. Among the first items is acupuncture and multivitamins.