A list of situations and questions that deserve a negative reaction:

a hand giving the thumbs down sign

  • Don’t want to talk about Jesus or any other Republican candidate
  • No, Mr. Paywall, I do not have to pay to read. I haz skillz.
  • Pay TV with commercials is an oxymoron
  • I don’t want to upsize, super-size or biggie size. Bruh, have you seen my waist?
  • Don’t want to buy magazines, home security or anything else
  • I want gas, not a carwash for my rusted out 2005 Camry
  • How about you change your password, huh?
  • I don’t want to talk to the pharmacist. I just want my pills.
  • I never want a $12 desert
  • Why didn’t you apply those updates to macOS last night like you said you were?
  • I have enough Facebook friends
  • Read a EULA, are you fucking with me?
  • Try to put decaf in this cup. I dare you.
  • Nobody wants to see your Obsidian graph
  • Being told to “like and subscribe”